How To Install Formilla Live Chat to Your Website

Welcome! This guide provides quick links to install Formilla Live Chat software to your website. You can install the software really easily using our many plugins, apps, or tutorials if you’re using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc. or even manually on any custom web site.

Below you will find instructions and links for all of the CMS platforms we support, including steps to install the chat script manually, if necessary.

Read our live chat overview guide for more on the customer service and sales advantages of adding live chat to your site.


The Formilla WordPress Live Chat plugin is used on thousands of WordPress and WooCommerce websites.  It is one of the best live chat plugins for WordPress today, with almost a 5-star rating!

To install onto a WordPress or WooCommerce site, simply follow our WordPress Live Chat Plugin tutorial.  If you have any trouble, be sure to check out the troubleshooting section of the tutorial as it has solutions to the most common installation issues.


Joomla customers find the Formilla plugin easy to use and it installs within just a few minutes!

To install onto a Joomla site, simply follow our Joomla Live Chat Module tutorial. Note: our module has been verified to work with Joomla version 4.x Alpha, 3.x and 2.5.


The Formilla Live Chat Shopify app is a 5-star rated live chat app for your Shopify eCommerce store.

To install onto a Shopify site, simply follow our Shopify Live Chat Installation tutorial.  The tutorial contains instructions to install our live chat software using our Shopify app, or manually pasting the chat script into your Shopify liquid theme.


Our Weebly customers love Formilla, consistently rating the app with 5-stars!  It’s easy to install, and gets you immediate insight into customer behavior with live chat, visitor monitoring, , and website visitor alerts.

To install onto a Weebly site, simply use our Weebly Live Chat App.


The Formilla live chat app for the Wix platform is one of the highest rated live chat apps, with over 130 reviews and almost a 5-star rating!

To install onto a Wix site, simply use our Wix Live Chat App to install from your Wix Dashboard or Wix Editor.  Be sure to read our tutorial about adding live chat to your Wix mobile site as well.


A Magento customer writes, “Hassle free installation and easy to customize to match the look and feel of [our] site.” We think so, too!

To install onto a Magento site, simply follow our Magento Live Chat Plugin tutorial.


Our OpenCart live chat extension is a popular choice for customers, having been downloaded over 4,000 times!

To install onto an OpenCart site, simply follow our OpenCart Live Chat Installation guide which details how to install the Formilla Live Chat extension.


Install Formilla onto your Moodle site using our Moodle live chat plugin within just minutes!

To install onto a Moodle site, simply follow our Moodle Live Chat Plugin tutorial.


Use your custom Formilla HTML script to add live chat to your Jimdo website today!

To install onto a Jimdo site, simply follow our Jimdo Live Chat Installation guide. 


You’ll find that adding your custom Formilla HTML script to your Volusion site is really simple and can be set up in just minutes!

To install onto a Volusion site, simply follow our Volusion Live Chat Installation guide.

My Platform Isn’t Listed: Manually Install Chat Script

To install the chat script manually to any website, simply login to your Formilla account, click on “Settings” in the left menu, and then click on “Installation”.  Next, select “My platform isn’t listed” in the drop-down menu for choosing the platform you are using.  You’ll see the chat script just below the drop-down menu.   Copy the script and paste it above the closing </body> tag for your webpages(template).

platform not listed


There you have it! Adding Formilla onto your website is so easy to do, you’ll wish you did it sooner! If you’re still having trouble, aren’t appearing online, or have no idea what to do next: Don’t get frustrated, just CONTACT US! We’re always happy to help and we mean that!

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