This installation guide will help you install the Live Chat Software plugin on your Moodle website almost instantly. Don’t overpay for other live chat software when you can pay a fraction of what others charge and still expect the same excellent service. Begin enjoying the benefits of live chat on your Moodle website and help answer questions and quickly support your users.

  1. Begin by downloading the Live Chat plugin for Moodle from the Moodle plugin directory. Once downloaded, navigate to your Moodle Administration panel under Site Administration, then choose Plugins –> Install plugins. Be sure to make the following choices as the screenshot below and upload the zip file. Note: you can alternatively unzip the file in the blocks directory of your Moodle install and go to Site Administration –> Notifications and proceed to the next step.Moodle Formilla Live Chat plugin upload
  2. Begin the installation by clicking Upgrade Moodle database now as displayed below:Moodle Formilla Live Chat installation
  3. Navigate to your Moodle Admin panel and click the Blocks editing on (top right corner) button to enable the Add A Block (bottom left corner) option as displayed below:Moodle Blocks editing on to Add A Block
  4. Now you’re ready to add the Formilla Live Chat block to your Moodle site. Go to the homepage of your Moodle site and select Formilla Live Chat from the Add A Block dropdown to see the block settings as displayed below:Moodle Formilla Live Chat Add A Block
  5. Configure the Formilla Live Chat block as shown below. If you do not have a account, sign up for a Standard (free) or Premium account and use the Chat ID you receive via email:Moodle Formilla Live Chat Add A Block
  6. That’s it!  You should see the live chat button on your Moodle website and can initiate a chat with yourself as your first test! Moodle Formilla Live Chat installed


Moodle Troubleshooting

Some Moodle themes such as “Moove” or “Maker” may have restrictions as to whether a Moodle block like Formilla Live Chat can display to anonymous visitors on your website (those visitors on your site that are not logged in).

In the event Formilla does not appear on the front-end of your website, you can uninstall the block and alternatively install Formilla by copying the chat script in your account according to these instructions and pasting it into Moodle as follows:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard –> Site Administration –> Appearance –> Additional HTML
  2. Paste the Formilla chat script in the section labeled “Before BODY is closed” and save.

Paste Live Chat in Moodle

If you’re having any trouble, simply reach us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out!

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