13 Posts Seen online 2 months ago


13 Posts Seen online 2 months ago

Aaron is the Customer Success Manager at Formilla. He has written extensively about technical support, troubleshooting processes, and support best practices.

How to Use In-App Messages

In-App messages are great for engaging website visitors and boosting conversions. Use them to promote a sale/offer, encourage

How Live Chat Can Improve Your Virtual Conference Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many industry conferences and trade shows to turn to virtual internet-based options as an alter

8 Ways Live Chat Can Benefit Customer Service Teams

Live chat has emerged as the preferred method of communication for many customers.  Forbes found that 92% of customers feel

Live Chat Vs. Chat Bots: Strengths, Weaknesses, and How to Use Them Together

Digital marketing strategists, sales development teams, and customer service agents have all learned that having real-time ch

5 Ways Companies Can Use Live Chat To Increase Sales

A live chat widget is a great way to communicate with website visitors. It offers a natural and convenient way to connect wit

Proactive Chat: What is it, and When Should You Use it?

Proactive chat is the practice of inviting or enticing a visitor on your website to start chatting with you. This is an actio

How to Use Chat Departments

Chat Departments are a feature that can be used to control which agent a chat is routed to. An incoming chat will only alert

Helper Chat Bot Accuracy: Sharing Our Results

A well-trained Helper Chat Bot is a great way to boost workplace efficiency.  During working hours, it can reduce time spent

Types of Chat Bots

Chat bots are an emerging trend in online customer service, sales, and marketing, and understanding which type of bot is righ

Getting Started With a Helper Chat Bot

The Formilla Helper Bot responds to commonly asked visitor questions 24/7.  It uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to determ