In our most recent widget version, we have incorporated a fresh new look for the chat button and chat widget design. There are also new features that have been introduced, along with some current platform features that cannot be supported when using an older widget version. This blog post outlines the important features and changes.  Be sure to upgrade your chat to stay current!

Major/Key Changes

  1. The new widget version has a fresh new design. The chat button is now a free-floating button that appears in the lower corner by default rather than a tab on the bottom edge.
  2. The new widget version has “Sent” and Read” status notifications now. These are visible both from the window the visitor sees as well as the agent dashboard.
  3. This widget version has a new Passive Email Collection feature that is not present in older versions. This feature is found in the Advanced Options setting of the widget settings. Check the box labeled “Request email after chat starts?” to enable this feature. You can customize a short message to request an email address after checking the box.
    When this feature is enabled, any visitor that does not already have email address information associated with them in Formilla will see the message requesting an email address after they begin a chat session. They will see a field appear as well to enter in their email address. It is not required to enter any information to continue chatting.
  4. Attention Grabbers are no longer supported in the latest widget version. If you are using Attention Grabbers currently and you upgrade to the latest widget version, you cannot revert the changes.  Instead of Attention Grabbers, with the new widget version we recommend using a chat Smart Message to increase engagement. A chat Smart message automatically fires a message from the chat bubble on timer. Both the message and timer length can be customized.  smart-message
    Smart Messages in the new widget version create text snippets as pictured rather than popping the chat window open like they did in previous widget versions. This is particularly beneficial on mobile devices, since the chat window is full screen on mobile devices. This meant that previously a Smart Message would prevent visitors on mobile devices from viewing or navigating on your site until the chat window was closed again. Now visitors will just see a snippet inviting them to chat instead.
  5. The File Sharing feature is only available on the newest widget version. Older versions do not support this feature.
  6. A Helper Bot can only be used on the newest widget version. A Helper Bot cannot be assigned to answer questions on widgets that are not the newest version.

How to Upgrade Your Widget

First, let’s check if you’re on the latest widget version. Mouse over “Settings” –> select “Widgets” from the sub-menu. If the Version column next to your widget(s) says “Outdated”, click the edit/pencil icon under Actions next to your widget to enter the settings area.

Note: if you’re using the Wix platform, simply click “Customize” in the left menu instead as this section below does not exist for Wix customers.

You will be prompted automatically with a popup to upgrade your chat widget if it’s eligible for a version upgrade.upgrade_widget_version

Remember, once you do upgrade your widget version it cannot be reverted to the older version. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in chat or by emailing [email protected]!


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