7 Reasons Why Content Will Forever Be King

Author: Wendy Dessler

Bio:  Wendy is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.


For the last few years, content has completely dominated the online business world. Brands work hard to reach their customers every way that they can, and creating high-quality content in many different forms is the way to capture their attention.

Content isn’t all created equally as you are about to learn. Sometimes you’ll focus on posting high-value visuals on social media sites. Other times you’ll want to share long form blog posts to post on your website or guest blogging opportunities. Still other times you may end up on live video streams or podcasts in an effort to reach your target audience through audio and/or video.

Guess what? Content is going to help you interact with your customers and readers. It will turn potential customers into rabid fans if they like what you have to say, and if you focus on putting out high value informational content, it will also turn you into an authority in your market.

Yet we’ve barely scratched the surface about why content will forever be king. Stick with us a little while longer to learn the real truth of the matter.

#1: Content Is the Backbone of Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wanted your website or webpages to rank highly in the search engines? It’s impossible to get high search rankings without placing valuable content on your website. There’d be nothing for Google and the other search engines to rank without it.

How can quality content help with search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO? First off, if your content is of the highest quality, it will attract many readers. They’ll find your content because Google’s bots will recognize your Onpage and Offpage SEO efforts and rank it accordingly in their search results.

Once the search engines see that people are reading it, sharing it on social media, leaving lots of comments on the blog post, and ultimately interacting with it, this will solidify the rankings and keep you pinned at the top of Google since your content is liked, linked to and shared by many all over the Internet.

Guest posting is an excellent way to get high-value, relevant links pointing back to your site. Here, you’ll find the top sites that accept guest posts, their contact information and tips on how to get successful guest blogs.

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#2: It Encourages Engagement

Good content, no matter what form it comes in – i.e. social media posts, guest blog posts, podcasts etc. – will encourage readers, viewers, or listeners from all over the web to interact and engage with it.  This engagement is incredibly powerful for your brand and it’s a great way to turn your target audience into rabid fans of your work, your products and services, and everything else you have to offer.

If your content is really good, people will go out of their way to read, watch, or listen and take the time to really absorb what you have to say. They’ll eventually get to know you and your company, they’ll understand your brand message and everything you’re trying to do, and they’ll grow to love you and your company if you’re authentic, caring, and show that you have their best interest at heart.

People want to believe in the companies they do business with. They want to get behind their brand message. More importantly, they want to feel good about the companies that eventually get their hard-earned dollars in exchange for goods and services.

On the other hand, if your content is weak, doesn’t have much to say, and isn’t entertaining, people will ultimately ignore everything you have to say. They’ll keep scrolling through their social media feeds, move on to another blog post, and forget all about you.

So focus on creating engaging content. Without it, you’ll have a difficult time becoming an authority in your industry. It’s going to be tough to penetrate the noise online without sharing engaging content with your audience.

#3: Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

By creating content that your audience values and appreciates, you will eventually be looked upon as a thought leader in your industry. This progression will come naturally after sharing enough content that you establish yourself as someone that can be trusted. Your business will reap the benefits because people will have taken the time to get to know you, like you, and trust you, which will naturally lead to them purchasing your products and services.

When you become a thought leader in your field, this will unsurprisingly create a buzz in your industry. Before long, other high valued people in your field will begin approaching you for collaborations, interviews, guest blog post content, and anything else you might be willing to do for them and the industry in general.

But you’ll never achieve thought leader status if you do not share high-value content with your potential audience. It’s crucial to achieving this level of success. So begin working on videos, podcasts, blog posts, and anything else that might help you dominate the search results pages.

Given enough time, you’ll notice a huge shift in the industry. You’ll notice that you’re receiving more respect, more requests to speak at conferences, and you’ll get invited to a lot more networking events. Even better, potential customers will come to you with questions and concerns, which you can ultimately spin into recommending your products and services to help solve their problems.

#4: Speak Directly to Your Customers through Content

As you craft content to share with your audience, you should focus on creating informational pieces that focus on things your customers will find useful. Craft your content in a way that will make it seem like you’re having a conversation with your audience.

How do you do this? You can start by creating videos and blog posts directly answering questions from your customers about topics that are your particular areas of expertise. This will show your customers that you actually care about their well-being enough to take the time to create a video or blog post directly answering their questions and concerns.

Why go through all the trouble? It’s no trouble at all if you’re focused on creating a connection with your customers. By creating this personal connection with them, they will associate this relationship with you with good feelings about your brand.

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#5: High-Quality Content Encourages Loyalty amongst Your Audience

Since content is such a powerful and engaging way to interact with your audience, you’ll have no problem getting your fans to purchase your products and services. They will feel tremendous loyalty to you since they read your content on a regular basis and they’ve developed a personal connection with you through your written and spoken words.

Nothing’s better than having fans that love everything you share so much that they stay incredibly loyal to you. It’s all about creating a connection with these people, because once they feel connected to you, they will gladly tell everybody they know about you, your brand, and everything you do online.

Not only that, but your people will feel good about themselves every time they visit your website or see your company logo. This will happen naturally because they feel a kinship to you and their loyalty to you and your brand makes them proud to be associated with your company.

#6: Content Sells Products and Services

As fun and exciting it is to nurture a rabid fan base, you have to remember that you’re doing all this to sell more products and services. If you craft your content directly, you’ll be able to share high-value informational pieces with your audience that subtly sells your products and services without being overly pushy or too salesy.

In all honesty, this is the most important aspect of content creation out of everything we’ve mentioned today. No one ever said you had to create aggressive sales messages that you’d cram down your customers’ throats. In fact, that’s definitely the wrong way to approach sales in the 21st century during the age of the Internet.

So focus on creating engaging and informational content that entertains your audience. Throughout the content, you can subtly sprinkle a line here and there telling about a valuable product or service you offer. If you do it right, your customers will naturally click the link, read more about the product, visit your checkout page, and pay for your product or service on the spot. That’s why high-value content is so important because it really does sell products and services.

#7: Quality Content Increases Website Traffic

Finally, we’d like to close this out by talking about high-quality content in relation to generating high-value website traffic. You see, when you create valuable informational blog posts, engaging videos, and amazing audio interviews and post them all over your website, you’ll be bringing traffic to your site from all over the place.

Some of your customers are going to love reading long form blog posts and absolutely adore you for writing them. Others are going to hate reading blog posts but love listening to podcasts and they’ll hang on your every word. Still others love watching videos to get their information and will appreciate every time you share an informational video series on your blog.

By focusing on these different types of content, you’ll be able to attract a bigger and broader audience to your blog, website, social media pages, and anything else promoting your business on the web. Remember, not all people are created equally so they like to experience content across a number of different mediums. If you share content in all these mediums, you’ll develop a healthy audience of potential customers that keeps coming back for more of your valuable information, high-quality products, and amazing services.


Clearly, creating high-value content certainly serves multiple purposes. It will turn you into an authority in your market, turn your readers into rabid fans, and ultimately turn your business into a huge success. So heed our advice and begin creating top-notch content sooner rather than later.


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