Joomla 3.X Formilla Edge Tutorial

This installation guide will help you install the Formilla Edge extension module on your Joomla website in an instant. With Formilla Edge, you’re able to communicate with customers using automatic email messages, and by displaying in-app (popup) messages to customers on your website. You can even enable Formilla Live Chat with a few clicks to chat with visitors and generate sales leads right from your website.  Check out the full list of features to learn more.

Simply download the extension, sign-up for an account, and finish the installation with the following instructions to get going.  The following tutorial is based on Joomla version 3.6.

  1. Begin by downloading our Joomla module.  This module has been verified with Joomla version 3.x only.
  2. Open your Joomla administration panel and navigate to the Extension Manager as you see below to browse for and upload the module you just downloaded.joomla-edge-install1
  3. Navigate to the Module Manager as you see below. Search for Formilla Edge and select Formilla Edge to continue.joomla-edge-config2
  4. Sign up for a Formilla account. Upon signing up, you’ll receive a Plugin ID to activate your account. Once you have your Plugin ID, continue with this tutorial.
  5. Now you’re ready to configure the Formilla Edge Module. In the Module Manager, enter the information to publish and activate your plugin as you see in the image below on the Module tab. For Plugin ID, enter the one you received in the step above. Also, ensure Position is set to [footer] and Status as Published, etc. Note: if the footer position doesn’t work, try a few different footer options in the Position dropdown as this can be dependent upon your template setup.joomla-edge-config3
  6. Finally, navigate to the Menu Assignment tab in Module Manager to enable the module across all your webpages like below. Click Save & Close when complete.joomla-edge-config4That’s it! Now you can navigate to your Formilla Edge account and begin by adding your first custom In-App message by clicking Smart Messages from the left menu. Once you refresh your website, you should see the message(s) you create displayed based on your configuration settings (example of lightbox popup below). If you’re having any trouble, check out the Help section in your Formilla account or simply reach us at [email protected].joomla-in-app

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